An Inexpensive GT Gaming Chair

OpenWheeler - The best and the cheapest Gran Turismo (GT) gaming chair

OpenWheeler is the perfect Gran Turismo (GT) game racing seat. PlayStation™ (PS2, PS3), Xbox™ & Wii™ video game consoles compatible. Last but not least, a PC & MAC compatible. Enjoy your everyday racing activities. Up to the limit.

GT Gaming Chair

Nobody dares to argue the phenomenal driving potential of GranTurismo. It is way ahead of everything else called racing simulation. Always has been and looks like, it will always be the ultimate driving sim. Polyphony Digitals’s last masterpiece - the GranTurismo5 is promising to be a revolution of the already revolutionary driving sensation. The best driving game is becoming better. It is guaranteed, looking at the game trailers and previews.
Video game racing is a little bit more demanding than “normal” gaming. It doesn’t matter the quality of the game and all its features, the good driving sim requires good driving accessories. Videlicet - a gaming chair or seat and a force feedback steering wheel. Only through these two main components driving becomes more like real simulation than just a game. Gamers need that special body support that only a real racing seat can provide. Latest wheel technology is just another feature without a racing seat simulator. No table or computer desk can deliver the stability and comfort of a sim cockpit.
OpenWheeler is not just another pile of metal tubes welded together under a fancy car seat. The simulator was created for video game racing to the very last bit. Especially designed around the GranTurismo Game and Logitech Driving Force steering wheels range, this cockpit simulator justifies everything. It is not an everyday investment, but once the simulator is all set up, no upgrades are needed for a very long time. And it is only the wheel that will need changing, when a better one eventually comes out. The chassis and seta are strong enough to last for a very very long time.
The perfect driving game needs the perfect home racing solution. And OpenWheeler is this perfect home driving racing seat simulator.